How the iPhone Can Benefit Your Digestive Health


The answer is…apps!!!  Duh.  Getting a handle on your Fructose Malabsorption (FM) is a challenge, and personally I need all the help I can get.  So I downloaded a bunch of apps on my iPhone to see which ones might make life easier for an FMer, and here are my picks! (I found Android versions of all except the Kitchen Dial.)

Food Intolerances
What it does: 
Gives lists of foods that are color coded to help determine what foods you can eat based on your intolerances. intolerances
Why it can help:
It’s great for a quick reference when you’re out and about and need to check an ingredient.
Cost: $4.99
Pros: You can set your individual tolerances, if you have lactose intolerance with FM, or if you’re gluten sensitive, and other options!
Cons: The German translations need some work, and it’s missing some North American foods.
Overall: Worth the money!


What it does: Gives a list of ingredients in certain foods and color codes them with a “danger level.”
Why it can help: It’s great for looking up ingredients for a food you don’t have the packaging for.
Cost: Free
Pros: It’s great for the health-conscious person and the product list is pretty extensive.  It lets you personalize which ingredients you want to avoid too.
Cons: No FM intolerance option!!!
Overall: It’s a keeper.

My Plate
What it does: Keeps a log of your daily caloric intake.myplate
Why it can help: If you’re thin to begin with and you go on
the elimination diet, it can be difficult to keep your weight up.
Cost: Free or $2.99 for Pro
Pros: It has just about every product I searched for, unlike
other competing apps. It’s very user friendly.
Cons: It doesn’t do much else. You can figure out how much
sugar and fiber you eat from it by adding it up yourself, but it doesn’t help you keep track of anything but calories.  It’s also freezes up every now
and then.
Overall: I really like this one, but I could live without it.

Tummy Tracker
Tummy Tracker,jpegWhat it does: Keeps track of your bowel movements and symptoms.
Why it can help:
It lets you see any patterns in your symptoms.
Cost: Free
Pros: It’s easy to use and tracks a few trends (like percentage of days a BM occurs when you travel).  Even if you lock your phone anyway, this app needs its own lock–you don’t need anyone else to see a detailed log of your business! Thankfully it has one.
Cons: It only gives you 5 ways to characterize your poos!
Overall: I wouldn’t consider it a necessity.

Kitchen Dial
What it does: Converts measurements. dial
Why it can help: It’s important to keep track of what you eat when you’re going through the Elimination Diet, but, for me, it’s hard to determine it I’ve eaten 1oz of potato chips, so this converts it into a measurement I can wrap my head around.
Cost: Free or $1.99 for Master Dial
Pros: The easiest converter I tried and it lets you choose which ingredient you’re working with.
Cons: It’s the only app that I couldn’t find an Android version for.
Overall: I love it!

Although having these apps is great, I still prefer the old hand-written food journal, where I can characterize my poos any way I like!

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