The Trouble with Fructose

The Trouble with Fructose__No Sugarless Gum-2

Having Fructose Malabsorption can be really really difficult.  I’ll admit, there are times when I think “how can I go on like this?”  Especially when I smell pizza.  And then the other day, I was catching up on one of my favorite magazines: Psychology Today (it was from about 2 years ago–I’m very behind), when I turned the page to see the headline: The Trouble with Fructose.  My heart was pounding as I read it, looking for the words “Fructose Malabsorption” anywhere.  Alas, it made no mention of us poor FMers.  It did, however, make me feel so much better about my lot in life.  Even better than talking about how fructose is basically poison to those of us with Fructose Malabsorption, the author talks about how fructose is poison for everyone!  The article links it to dementia and says fructose is “best avoided in any portion size.”

Now whenever I start feeling bad for myself, or have a weak moment, I think about this article.  Although, it’s sad to think that, down the road, when the rest of the world has dementia, we’ll be the ones taking care of them.

Read the article!!!

3 thoughts on “The Trouble with Fructose

  1. I definitely needed to read this today . . . I’ve been good with eating clean for a while but I’m reaching a point where I look at an apple and wonder if it would REALLY be that bad if I ate it (it would).

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