Traveling with Fructose Malabsorption: Milwaukee

Milwaukee__No Sugarless Gum-2

Last weekend I went to visit my sister who just moved to Milwaukee to start her very first job!  I was really surprised by how great the city was (the part I visited, anyway).  It seemed like a smaller version of Chicago.
The restaurant scene really surprised me too.  I saw a lot of grass-fed beef options during my initial restaurant research, as well as vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free menus available.  It seemed like a city that has fun with its food, while still taking it seriously.

I was really hoping to have a perfect food vacation too, by following all 7 of my rules for traveling with Fructose Malabsorption, but I forgot to make my list of foods I can eat.  Calling ahead and making a food itinerary really helped, but one thing I did not foresee was the hotel we stayed at didn’t have a fridge or a microwave!!!  What the hell?!!!  So I’ll have to amend the above post to include calling ahead about that as well!  Luckily my sister’s apartment was only about a mile away so I just stored all my food items there.

Overall, I think I did a pretty good job.  On the last day I did feel a little fatigued with some brain fog, but I didn’t suffer any stomach issues.

The night my mom and I arrived we went to AJ Bombers.  I ordered a hot dog without asking about the MIL1__No Sugarless Gumingredients: FAIL.  That was really dumb of me.  I had planned on having a burger there, but that’s pretty much the only thing I would be eating all weekend, so I made a snap decision and I think it made me a little sluggish the next day.  The poutine was something I had always wanted to try.  I knew the gravy had some iffy ingredients (the waitress brought out MIL2__No Sugarless Gumthe can for me to look at), so we got it on the side.  And sadly, it was kind of gross.  The poutine tasted like a sour-cream-and-onion Pringle, which is not what I wanted.  The hot dog was fantastic, though.

MIL4__No Sugarless Gum

The next day I had chosen a place called The Eatery, because I knew my mom and sister would probably want breakfast food at some point, and I had found something there I could eat called the hangover burger.  Which is what I ordered (sticking to the plan: yeah!!!).  The pulled ham also called to me.  I asked if it was ever treated MIL5__No Sugarless Gumwith anything and the waitress said it was just plain ham.  But when she brought it out, it was covered in a bunch of crap!  (Crap that looked really delicious…)  You can see it in the picture to the left in the right corner.  Our server brought out just the plain ham (on the left).  Really good!!!!

That night we ate at Cafe Benelux, and got to dine on the rooftop.  Even though I had MIL6__No Sugarless Gumeaten a burger at lunch, I felt like having another one–and good thing because I didn’t have many other options.  And even though the white cheddar pureed potatoes sounded really great, I was told their french fries were remarkable, and I’ve always been a big french fry girl.  I was not disappointed.

And that’s where it ends.  It was a short trip but I can’t wait to go back!

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