Traveling with Fructose Malabsorption: North Port, Florida

This was the first vacation I’ve taken since going fructose free where I wasn’t just sick to my stomach over what I would eat.  My husband and I took a quick trip to visit my grandma in North Port, FL where she spends the winter, and she has by far been my biggest supporter since I was diagnosed with FM.  She studied to be a dietician in college, and she was the first person to talk to me about my disorder with curiosity rather than dumbfounded bewilderment.
I’m not too surprised by this, she’s an amazing lady!  She’s 90 years old (minus 7 months!), and it’s commonly agreed upon that she looks 20 years younger and has the energy of a 30-year-old.  And her hilarious commentary can keep you entertained for hours.  My husband said one of his favorite parts of the trip was “driving around and listening to what your grandma had to say about everything.”

So it was really nice, going somewhere and knowing I wouldn’t be a burden.  Not food-wise anyway, I’m a bit particular and not what you would call flexible, so early on my grandma dubbed me “a fly in the ointment,” and my husband joyfully adopted that phrase and used it liberally the rest of the time.
Anyway…it was a wonderful trip.  My husband, who is a landscape photographer, was able to take some pictures (that’s his at the top!), and I was once again able to experience my grandma’s better-than-you’ll-ever-be cooking.  Even if it wasn’t her usual fancy stuff.  But I did learn a thing or two, which I’ll share in later posts!

Day 1

Traveling day, which is the worst, of course; only made worse because we had to wake up at 3:00 am.  I made sure to pack a few snacks (peanuts and Cheetos) for the plane ride, which was a really good move because we sat on it for about an hour before we took off.
We hit McDonald’s for some fries on the way to my grandma’s condo so I was sufficiently gassy by the time we got there.  Lovely.

For dinner we had gone grocery shopping and found a chicken with no added ingredients (which should be easier than it is), which my grandma roasted in a cooking bag and the results were fantastic.  We also found some waffle cut potato chips that I fell in love with!  Anything with the word “waffle” in it is something I want to be a part of.

Chicken and Chips__NoSugarlessGum

Day 2

For breakfast I had a few of my classic pancakes (I brought them in a cooler), and Grandma made me scrambled eggs.

We ate at a place called Sharkey’s in Venice for lunch.  I had called ahead to make sure I could find something to eat and the woman I spoke with said they “take allergies very seriously,” and she herself had celiac.  The steak I had wasn’t amazing, but it was worth knowing that I wasn’t going to get fructosed.


For dinner I had leftover chicken and more waffle chips.

Then we went home the next day.  Not the most exciting food trip that ever was, but I couldn’t have been more happy with it (unless I could eat whatever I wanted without consequence, of course).

And, Grandma, I know you’re reading this: take care of that skin cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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