Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: Pulled Pork and Quinoa Tortillas

Pulled Pork and Quinoa Tortillas__No Sugarless Gum

This week I started the suggested LEAP diet based on my Mediator Release Test results.  It has only been two days and it has been kind of brutal.  There isn’t a lot to eat during the first phase, but here is a dish that I’ve been having for dinner that I love.

Thankfully one of my least reactive foods is pork, and my husband makes the most delicious pulled pork.  Ever.  You don’t even need barbeque sauce–that would just ruin it.  And I’m finally sharing the recipe with you lucky people.  The best part is that it’s a fairly simple recipe.

We’ve tried different types of pork, and here’s the breakdown:

Pork shoulder: not a lot of fat to pick out, but that also means less flavor

Pork butt: LOTS of flavor but also LOTS of fatty pieces

Pork loin: probably my favorite option; great flavor, but there is more gristle than the other two and still quite a bit of fat

I’ve been reading the cook book Nourishing Traditions lately and it’s really informative.  It has given me a different perspective on health and how we should be feeding ourselves.  One of the things it talks about is that animal fat is actually healthy for us, so I’m no longer concerned with eating lean meats.  Not that I really was concerned before.

Topping off this dish is a recipe for quinoa tortillas I found from Bob’s Red Mill.  They were so surprising!  Just three ingredients and they make a wonderful, soft tortilla that goes perfectly with the pork.  I didn’t have to change a single thing, so click on the link and give them a try!


  • 3-3 1/3 lbs of pork butt/loin/shoulderPulled Pork and Quinoa Tortillas3__No Sugarless Gum
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1/2 tablespoon of salt
  • 1/2 tablespoon of pepper
  • pinch of asafoetida
  • 1 tablespoon of dextrose


Pour water into a crock pot and add the asafoetida.  Mix it in with the water otherwise it could get too concentrated on parts of the pork.

Add pork and score the top with a knife in about 3 places.

Add the rest of the ingredients.

Set the slow cooker for 8 hours.

Every two hours pull the pork apart using two forks into smaller and smaller pieces.  Initially the pork in the center won’t pull so you can use a knife to cut it into smaller chunks.

Elimination Diet safe (pork): Yes!
Elimination Diet safe (tortillas): No.

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