Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: Sorbitol-Free Toothpaste

Sorbitol Free Toothpaste__No Sugarless Gum

So far this blog has been mainly about food recipes for people with fructose malabsorption.  But that’s not the only thing we have to consider when avoiding fructose. I’ve decided to post some of my home remedies for anything that might contain problematic ingredients for FMers.

Sugar alcohols, like sorbitol, are an issue for many of us and one place you can find sorbitol is in toothpaste.  Almost all toothpaste has it!  And I know, you spit toothpaste out, but there’s no way you’re getting rid of all of it; some of it’s being swallowed.

Luckily I found this recipes on Wellness Mama (I doubled it because even though it’s really easy to make I’d rather make it less often) which is not only free of sorbitol, but all the other harmful chemicals that make up commercial toothpaste.  Brushing with it takes some getting used to since it’s not like the toothpaste we’re all familiar with, but it can be done.  My husband pretty much refused to use it after the first time he brushed with it, but he’s given it a chance and after using this a few months hasn’t said another word about it.

I got the tubes so we could squeeze it onto our brushes, but after a while it gets too thick, so I think I’ll get some small containers and just scoop it out instead.

There’s a funny story that goes along with this toothpaste.  About the third time making this using my Ninja blender, I noticed some light fizzing when I added the ingredients in.  I’d done it all before so I just shrugged, stuck the top on and hit the button.  In about half a second it all exploded right in my face and all over the kitchen.  There was about a 6-foot radius totally covered in bird-poop toothpaste splotches.  After standing there for a minute completely shocked and trying to decide whether or not to scream, I raced to clean it all up as quickly as I could before it started to dry.  I’m still finding toothpaste spots weeks later.  Thankfully it had actually crossed the line into being funny rather soul crushing.  Now I just mix it by hand.


  • 10 tablespoons of calcium carbonate powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of pure stevia
  • 8 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of baking soda
  • 4 tablespoons of bentonite clay
  • 6 tablespoons of water
  • 30 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 20 drops of myrrh essential oil


Mix together all ingredients in a bowl.  Make sure no metal comes into contact with the mixture or the bentonite clay will pull chemicals from the metal instead of any nastiness on your teeth!

Store in a container of your choice (no metal!).

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