12 (and a half) Easy Steps To Making Perfect French Fries

Perfect French Fries__No Sugarless Gum

It’s official: I know how to make perfect french fries. It’s taken a lot of trial and gained me a few extra pounds, but I did it all for you.  And for the fries.  There are a few secrets to making them just right.  One is soaking them beforehand, another is cooking them in animal fat, but the most important is that they need to be twice fried.  The first fry is for cooking the inside, and the second is for the outer sear, which gives the fry a brittle glass-like quality on the outside, while the inside is nice and fluffy.
Give them a try, it’s pretty easy!  Otherwise I would never do it.


  • 1 large sweet potato (or regular potato)
  • Distilled water
  • 1 quart of lard
  • Grey sea salt

Special Equipment

  • Large cast iron pot
  • Oil/candy thermometer
  • Slotted stainless steel spoon
  • Wire cooling rack


Step 1: Wash and scrub outside of potatoPerfect French Fries3__No Sugarless Gum.

Step 2: Cut the ends off the potato, then cut into french fry size pieces (usually best to cut it into quarters first).

Step 3: Soak the fries in distilled water overnight or at least for one hour.  This is an important step if you want your fries to be perfect!

Step 4: Drain and dry the fries with paper towels.

Step 5: Heat the lard in a large cast iron pot.  I find it’s best to melt it on low and then crank the temperature up when it’s all melted.

Step 6: Add all the fries when the temperature reads 330˚ on your oil thermometer and stir.  (A lot of recipes say to do them in small batches, but I find this makes them soggy.)

Step 7: Stir the fries often so they don’t burn, but not too often or they’ll break into very small pieces.

Step 7 1/2: If you cut a few fries too large, once the oil temp is around 270˚ then poke them with the slotted spoon so they tear, this will allow the oil in and they will cook more.

Step 8: When the oil temp is back up to 330˚ (it will have dropped after adding the cold fries), remove with slotted spoon onto paper-towel covered wire cooling rack.  Make sure the fries are golden brown before removing, if not then turn down the heat and cook a bit longer).

Step 9: Let the heat climb up to 360˚.

Step 10: Add the fries back in and stir quickly, making sure all the fries get touched by the hot oil, since the temp will drop quickly again.

Step 11: Once the fries become a darker brown (not too dark, this will take a bit of trial to figure out how well done you like them), remove and place on the wire rack.

Step 12: Sprinkle with sea salt and serve.

Elimination Diet safe: Yes!

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