3 (Flour-Free!) Alternative Noodle Options for Fructose Malabsorption


Pasta!!!  My favorite food!  And even though I had to give up wheat, does not mean I had to give up my noodles.  I found some great substitutions, and I actually like Ancient Harvest’s corn and quinoa noodles better than traditional pasta!
This food journey has taught me so much; I’ve learned that substitutions don’t have to be second best.  They can really add something special when put in the right dish.  I’ve also discovered so many weird edibles I didn’t know even existed.  The following are three types of “noodles” not made from flour!


Spaghetti Squash

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!  On the outside, it looks like a regular boring-ass squash, but the inner walls of the squash are lines with these noodle strings and you just cook it and peel them out!  It’s very mild tasting, which is good if you don’t like squash (which I don’t).

Directions Heat oven to 425˚.  Cut open both ends of the squash and scrape out the guts (like you would a pumpkin).  Place it on baking sheet and cover the top hole with one of the ends you cut off.  Bake small ones for 25 minutes and large for 35 if you are going to eat it right away.  I like to use it in stir fries and so I under cook it so it doesn’t get overcooked in the stir fry later.

Use in stir fries, spaghetti and meatballs, or casseroles.


Vegetable Noodles

Also called “zoodles” if made with zucchini, but I like to make mine with carrots.  This requires a spiralizer, and you can get cheap ones, but mine didn’t work at all (if you have a cheap one that worked please share at the bottom!).  I splurged and got this one from Williams-Sonoma.  The carrots need to be fat for it to work though.
Bonus The spiralizer can also make curly fries!

Use in cold noodle salads and stir fries

Kelp Noodles

Whoa!  These are crazy!  I ate these for a while–they don’t taste like anything, so they take on the flavor of the dish you are making, and have a cool texture–but then I got diagnosed with SIBO, and now I can’t eat any kind of seaweed.  These come in a little package already like this and you have to rinse them and store them in water.

Use in stir fries, soups and Homemade Ramen


5 thoughts on “3 (Flour-Free!) Alternative Noodle Options for Fructose Malabsorption

  1. Hi Paige, interested i sibo . Did you have really strong antibiotics for sibo . I am i the uk ,I was going to ask my dr about it as I can’t have fructose or lactose .i. A much worse after having gall bladder out . Love your site

    • I took rifaximin and neomycin, but didn’t sense any sort of changes. Taking oil of oregano has helped me the most! If you go to a traditional doctor they might not be very helpful, I would suggest trying to find a naturopath or someone who practices functional medicine if your doctor hasn’t heard of SIBO.

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