FM Recipes

“Cooking” to me, used to mean opening a can of Spaghetti-Os (I wouldn’t even heat them up), but I’m really trying to improve.  That means, for the most part, my recipes are simple and good for those of us who have just started learning how to feed ourselves again.  They’re great if you’re a parent who has kids with Fructose Malabsorption, seeing as my taste buds never evolved past those of a 10-year-old.
DISCLAIMER!!!  I can’t guarantee that something in one of my recipes won’t make you sick.  Make sure you go through your Elimination Diet!

Update: I have recently taken a Mediator Release Test.  If you are still having problems after being on the elimination diet you should look into this!

(***Indicates recipes that are safe for the cleanse phase of the Elimination Diet)

French Toast__No Sugarless Gum

French Toast

French Toast***
Hong Kong Waffles
Almond Bagels
Classic Pancakes***
The Best Cinnamon Rolls
1-Egg Omelette***
Cinnamon Roll Granola
Buckwheat Banana Pancakes
Homemade Cereal
Faux-Chocolate Pancakes
No-Flour Pumpkin Pancakes

The Best Cinnamon Rolls4__No Sugarless Gum

The Best Cinnamon Rolls

Chicken Fried Rice
Baked Potato***
Easy Cheesy Rice***
Potato Nests***
Fried Cheeseburger Spring Rolls***
Fried Potato Thins***
Hot Chicken Salad***
Lacto-Fermented Vegetables
Homemade French Fries

Cinnamon Crusted Banana Bread
Easy Nut-Butter Bread
Eggless Plantain Bread
Sandwich Bread
Cinnamon Tea Cake
Cashew Bread with Blueberry Jam


Lemon Herb Chicken3__No Sugarless Gum

Lemon Herb Chicken

Chicken with Sausage and Potatoes***
Whole Roasted Chicken***
Rosemary Fried Chicken
Chicken Noodle Soup From Scratch
Lemon Herb Chicken***
Chicken Pizza with White Sauce
Pepper-Stuffed Bacon-Wrapped Chicken
Brick Chicken
Chicken Heart Stir Fry
The Cheapest Soup For Lunch All Week***
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Creamy Chicken Casserole

Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies__No Sugarless Gum

Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sausage Mac and Cheese***
Cheeseburger with Fries and Sticky Rice***
Pepper Crusted Strip Steak with Rice***
Sichuan Beef and Sticky Rice
Fried Cheeseburger Spring Rolls***
Homemade Hot Dogs***
Grandma’s Pot Roast
Taco Potatoes

Chicken Pizza with White Sauce2__No Sugarless Gum

Chicken Pizza with White Sauce

Pork Chops with Country Gravy
Pulled Pork and Quinoa Tortillas***

Lamb Chops with Yogurt Sauce and Fingerling Potatoes***
Seasoned Lamb Wraps***
Stuffed Peppers

Thanksgiving Turkey and Gravy***

Buffalo Burgers with Lemon Mayo on Waffles

Cheeseburger with Fries and Sticky Rice__No Sugarless Gum

Cheeseburger with Fries and Sticky Rice

Chicken Pizza with White Sauce

Spaghetti Carbonara***
Annie’s Mac and Chicken***
Creamy Cheese Penne***
Three-Cheese Pasta Bake***
Spaghetti Gorgonzola***
Homemade Potato Gnocchi with Sage-Butter Sauce***

Grilled Cheese***

Meatball “Noodle” Soup

Rhubarb Pie Ice Cream__No Sugarless Gum

Rhubarb Pie Ice Cream

Gut-Healing Bone Broth3__No Sugarless Gum

Gut-Healing Bone Broth

Rainbow Ice Cream***
Sugar Cookies
Easy Peanut Butter Cookie Bites***
Homemade Peanut Butter Cups
Rhubarb-Pie Ice Cream
Marshmallow Crème Brulée***
Big Fat Cookies
Lemon Mousse***
Spritz Cookies
Homemade Waffle Cones***
Homemade Jello***
Peanut Butter Mug Cake
Birthday Cupcakes!!!
Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
Almond Flour Cake with Strawberry Frosting
Salted Brownies

Homemade Marshmallows***
Homemade Gummy Bears
Homemade Sweet Potato Chips
Roasted Peanuts
Mint-Chocolate Marshmallows
Homemade Lollipops
Homemade Tootsie Rolls

Pink Lemonade
Gut-Healing Tea
Coconut Milk Kefir

Gut-Healing Tea5__No Sugarless Gum

Gut-Healing Tea

Bread Crumbs***
Salad Dressing***
Chicken Stock***
Candied Lemon Peels***
Blue Cheese Dressing***
Homemade Tortillas***
Homemade Mayonnaise
Gut-Healing Bone Broth
Strawberry Jam

Spritz Cookies2__No Sugarless Gum

Spritz Cookies

Easy Recipes (15 minutes or fewer)
Annie’s Mac and Chicken***
Grilled Cheese***
Club Sandwich***
Chicken Fried Rice
Easy Cheesy Rice***
1-Egg Omelette***
Chicken Quesadillas***
Homemade Ramen***

Products for Cooking with FM
Asafoetida Powder

Home Products
Sorbitol-Free Homemade Toothpaste



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