My Food List

There are the foods that I have tried during my elimination diet process.  Everyone has different foods they can eat, so make sure to do your elimination diet too!

Corn Meal/Corn Starch
Cranberry Juice (small amounts)
White Rice
Olive Oil
Gluten-Free Soy Sauce
Romain lettuce

Maple Syrup (pure and imitation)
Vanilla Extract
Oat Flour
Tomato Paste
Almond Flour/Almond MilkMilk

Occasionally (and mostly small amounts)

10 thoughts on “My Food List

  1. Thank you for providing information. My teenage daughter was just diagnosed and it has been difficult to find information and our visit to the dietician was extremely frustrating and not helpful at all. I am glad to be able to find some useful info to help get her on track.

    • I have yet to hear from anyone who has had a positive experience with a dietician! But I’m glad your daughter is on her way to feeling better. There’s a lot about FM that I don’t know, but I’ve learned a lot so please ask me any questions and hopefully I’ll be able to help!

    • This was just my personal list, and certainly molasses will be problematic for a lot of people. But this is actually and out-of-date version and I think vanilla extract might be back on the ‘yes’ list.

  2. ugh…I am drinking Almond Milk. I was just diagnosed with this crap last week. I am STARVING. Thanks for your continued update.

  3. I was just diagnosed. Starving. Will be making some recipes this weekend. On elimination diet now…what advice do you have.

    • My advice is to hang in there! Which I know is annoying. But the best thing I ever did was see a naturopathic doctor. I have discovered FM is not permanent, but it takes a lot of hard work to heal yourself.

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