Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: Coconut Milk Kefir

Coconut Kefir_NoSugarlessGum

Getting probiotics into my diet is really important to me.  Treating SIBO destroyed all the bad bacteria in my gut, and the good stuff as well (although with my past diet I really doubt there was much of the good stuff there anyway).  So I feel like I’m probably repopulating a wasteland right now.

I take a high-quality probiotic capsule, and eat lacto-fermented vegetables daily, but sometimes I feel like it’s not enough.

Enter: coconut milk kefir.  This is a beverage that is fermented by milk kefir grains, and can be made with any kind of milk!  The taste is…interesting.  Some describe it as tangy, but I find it a little cheesy.  I’ll admit it’s not my favorite.  But for me this is a health thing, and if you add regular coconut milk to it it’s pretty good.

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