Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: Mint-Chocolate Marshmallows and a New Sweetener!

I have some exciting news to share with you all.  A while ago a company called Madhava contacted me and they have developed a new sweetener that is fructose free!  It even says so right on the bottle:


Just look at those magic words!  It’s made from cassava and it’s 35% glucose, 35% maltose, and the rest is complex carbohydrates.  It’s also organic and non-GMO, which I love!  I’ve tested it extensively to make sure it doesn’t make me sick and I’m certain that it does not.  (Although I found something else that does.  Blerg.)

They sent me a couple of bottles to try (I’m not getting paid for this, though, don’t worry!) so I could make a few recipes.  This sugar behaves like a corn syrup, so didn’t want to just bake a normal dessert recipe and replace table sugar with this.  I wanted to make something we can’t make with dextrose and certainly can’t have as a store-bought treat.

Mint-Chocolate Marshmallows2__No Sugarless Gum Continue reading

Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: Homemade Marshmallows


Having Fructose Malabsorption I’ve been living for so long with the mindset of “Can’t have that, never eat this…” that it just about blew my mind when I discovered that I could eat marshmallows.  Homemade, of course.  And making them was a breeze!  Or relatively easy, anyway.
The texture is a bit more jiggly than grocery-store marshmallows, but the taste is great! Continue reading