Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: Homemade Peanut Butter Cups


These were surprisingly easy to make and waaaaay better than the store-bought version! I found the recipe on Martha Stewart’s website, but I made a few adjustments so that it yields only 24 (because who has 2 mini muffin trays?). Continue reading

Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: Spaghetti Carbonara


My husband describes pretty much everything I make the same way: “It’s good.”  But after making this last night for dinner he has confessed he loves it!  Score! Continue reading

Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: Cheeseburger and Fries with Sticky Rice


This is one of my favorite meals!  Well, it is now anyway.  I love sticky rice, but you can use regular white rice if you don’t have a rice cooker.  If you can make the sticky rice a day or two ahead of time, it will be better. Continue reading

Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: Baked Potato


I never ate potatoes before being diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption unless they had been in the deep frier.  But having limited options on the Elimination Diet, I gave this baked potato a try and found it to be delicious.  The bacon really helps… Continue reading

Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: Easy Peanut Butter Cookie Bites


These are so delicious and really easy to make!  I’ve made them before with cane sugar and they were really crumbly.  But using dextrose seems to have softened them up a bit.  Be careful though–they’re addicting.  In the time it took me to write this I’ve eaten about six. Continue reading

Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: Sugar Cookies


This is my first gluten-free baking attempt gone right.  These cookies were soft, but still easy to handle.  This recipe is from a great blog: Delicious As It Looks. With a recipe for a Sweet Rice Flour Blend from Carol Kicinski at  And if I can do it, you can too! Continue reading

Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: French Toast


I really don’t like store-bought, gluten-free bread.  It’s gross.  It always smells a little sickly sweet, and tastes like someone dumped a bunch of sand in the dough.  But this Whole Foods All Natural Gluten Free Sandwich Bread is actually tolerable! Then I used it to make french toast…and it was damn good.


  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon of dextrose
  • 1/8 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 6 to 8 slices of Whole Foods All Natural Gluten Free Sandwich Bread (or other tolerable bread)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of butter
  • more butter for topping
  • dextrose for topping
  • maple syrup***


Mix together eggs, sugar, salt, and milk.  Dump it into a shallow pan or bowl that can fit a slice of the bread.  Coat a pan or griddle with the butter over medium-low heat.

Soak each side of the bread (only soak as many as you are about to cook) in the egg mixture for a few seconds, then transfer to the pan/griddle.  Heat until golden brown, then flip and do the same for the other side.

Smother with butter and sprinkle dextrose on top to taste.

Elimination Diet safe: YES! (Each piece of bread has 4g of sugar, so remember that’s 2g of fructose per slice)

***I didn’t use any maple syrup since I’m still on the elimination diet, but it was still really good without it!

Fructose Malabsorption Recipes: Bread Crumbs


I was really craving chicken nuggets the other day, and thought I could make some, but I couldn’t find any gluten free bread crumbs without corn or some kind of juice.  So I made my own! Continue reading