Fructose Malabsorption Products: Stevia–a Sugar Substitute

Stevia__No Sugarless Gum

It’s commonly known among FMers that if we want sugar, our safest choices would be dextrose or glucose.  But what about Stevia?  I had my husband pick up some Truvia for me and was pretty bummed when I saw that it contained xylitol, which can cause gas and bloating even for people who don’t have FM.  It turns out that most stevia products are mixed with xylitol, but I found one on Amazon that is pure stevia. Continue reading

Be Careful What You Eat!

When I was little I LOVED the show “Animaniacs.”  Actually, I still do.  I came across this song about sugar, which now has a completely different meaning to me as an adult.  (I think the candy bar machine was a foretelling of FM.)